Jun 18
We are all united in the house of service. That’s the message Points of Light Chairman Neil Bush delivered to a packed closing plenary session today – joined by volunteer service leaders and award-winning entertainers – to wrap up the 2014 Conference on Volunteering and Service in Atlanta.
May 09
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Here’s your chance to find out what 830,000 AmeriCorps members have already learned: AmeriCorps is a great way to serve others, while learning a lot about yourself and the strengths that can propel you into a meaningful career.
Apr 18
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Tracy Hoover, an America’s Promise Alliance trustee, became the president of Points of Light just eight months ago, but she’s been a dedicated leader in the service movement for the majority of her career. America’s Promise Alliance asked Hoover to talk a little about herself.
Mar 31
High school graduation rates are at a 40-year high, but there are still tens of millions of young people who leave high school without diplomas, get stuck without jobs or in dead-end ones and never get to college or careers. We’re excited to announce a new approach to the problem, one that uses volunteer service as a pathway to success: ServiceWorks.